About Sun Tae Kwon Do Academy

Sun Tae Kwon Do Academy is defined by our approach to life. We use the martial arts as a way to seek improvements in many dimensions of our life. We are not only focused on Tae Kwon Do, we also look at the mind, body and technical knowledge integration. What this means to a student is that we have a common framework that all of our students can adopt to become their personal path to improvement. In the beginning we set a goal (learn martial arts, get in shape, improve self confidence, etc.) we practice together to achieve these personal goals. Practicing with others is very motivational but you are focusing on your improvement not competing with other students. Along the way you learn discipline, confidence and how to practice. When you achieve your goal, you are in a better position to set new goals. You will see the whole landscape with a more experienced view and will set better goals. So the cycle repeats again and again, always improving always changing. So Sun Tae Kwon Do is about living a martial arts lifestyle, with the cycle of improvement reaching into other areas of your life. If you focus on improving every day, at the end of the year you will have improved many time over. With this philosophy it doesn't matter where you start or how fast you progress, it is about living the lifestyle of a true martial artist.

What is the Sun difference?

There are many martial arts schools today and like things there are a wide range of quality and experience. Three things make Sun different; the quality of the Korean masters that lead the school; the integration of martial arts systems and the focus on the lifestyle of the martial artist. No other school has the number of senior Korean trained masters as Sun. We continue this heritage with instructors recruited from Korea and transfer that knowledge to our students. Our quality is our promise. We use Tae Kwon Do as the foundation of our martial arts. We are part of the World Tae Kwon Do (WTF) Federation. We build on that foundation with additional martial arts systems; Hopkido, Shippalgi and Kumdo. In this way we can fulfill the needs of people pursuing the athletic way of Tae Kwon Do, realistic self defense with Hokido or the elegant way of the Korean Kung Fu Shippalgi. Not everyone can dedicated themselves solely to the pursuit of martial arts. In this modern world though there is place for martial arts more than ever because the time you spend in class bring focus, accomplishment and achievement of goals. This lifestyle joins with the other part of business and personal life bringing benefits to all those areas. Martial arts can make you a better person, a better parent, a happier child and give you a sense of teamwork with your fellow students.

What is Sun's promise?

If you accept the Sun martial arts lifestyle we promise to train you safely, we promise to provide you with quality education and instructors, we promise to show you how to become a better person. Everyone that is drawn to martial arts comes with a different starting place. Most everyone is looking to fill something in themselves that they feel needs to be greater. We don't promise to deliver a specific destination but we do promise to teach you how to travel. The framework of setting goals, hard work and practice to achieve the goal is our way. We promise if you apply that framework and apply yourself, you will achieve the results your are looking for and desire. And a funny thing happens along the way, the goals you have in the beginning usually change into something much more important. We promise.