Danvers Sun Tae Kwon Do Academy

Located in Danvers, Massachusetts, Sun Tae Kwon Do Academy offers Tae Kwon Do instruction for children, teens, adults, and entire families. Our Tae Kwon Do program offers you a great opportunity to strengthen your body, your mind, and your spirit – as well as to have fun and make new friends. Explore our website to learn more about martial arts, Tae Kwon Do, our curriculum, our school, and how Tae Kwon Do can help improve the lives of you and your family today.

Our focus at Sun Tae Kwon Do is on more than just kicking and punching. Every class is led by a certified Master and includes physical training as well as teaching about confidence, focus, respect, and determination. We blend the best of traditional Tae Kwon Do, as learned and taught in Korea, with the best in fitness, fun, and the continuous evolution happening to the art.

Calendar and Class Schedule

Our monthly calendar with testing, closing and scheduled special events is available to download as a PDF »

Our class schedule is available on the Class Schedule page.

Korean Words

char yet
attention stance
joon bi
ready stance
joo choom seogi
horse riding
ba ro
Count to ten (10)
1 = Hana, 2 = Dool, 3 = Set, 4 = Net, 5 = Dasot, 6 = Yosot, 7 = Il Gop, 8 = Yodul, 9 = Ah Hop, 10 = Yul.
Ordinal Numbers (first, second, etc.)
1st = il, 2 = ee, 3 = sam, 4 = sah, 5 = oh, 6 = yuk, 7 = chil, 8 = pal

Photo & Video Galleries

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Review your Poomsaes, watch competition sparring and belt testing videos, connect with us on our YouTube Channel.

News & Events

Kyuk Too Ki (Korean Kickboxing)

Kyuk Too Ki is a form of Korean kickboxing and for those interested in a little weekday fitness and training. Class is open to everyone, so feel free to share with friends and family. Contact Grand Master Hong for more details. 978-777-5435

Come Celebrate Your Birthday With Us!

Have your child’s birthday at Sun Tae Kwon Do for an unforgettable party. Let us do all the set up and clean up – you just show up! More Party details »

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Belt Testing

Testing Applications

If you are testing, be sure to download and submit your testing application to Master Hong two days before the test date. Visit the Testing Application page to download the application for your belt level.

Testing Requirements

Be sure to review your Poomsaes belt testing requirements, including oral requirements.

Poomsae Videos

Poomsae videos are available on our YouTube channel.

Specialty and Advanced Classes

Olympic Sparring Class

The Olympic style sparring class is held the 3rd Friday of every month from 5:40-6:40 pm. Please see Master Hong for more details.

Demonstration Team Class

The Demonstration Team class is held the 3rd Saturday of every month from 9:50-11:00 am. Please see Master Hong for more details.

Sun TKD Black Belt Class

Black belt class is held on Mondays from 7:30-8:30 pm and is open to all Sun Tae Kwon Do black belts, new and old. The black belt class allows us to further our training with more advanced techniques, additional instruction and to continue to build our relationships with our fellow black belts.

Danvers Sun Tae Kwon Do proudly serves students from Danvers and surrounding North Shore towns including Beverly, Peabody, Topsfield, Boxford, Middleton, Lynnfield, Salem, Lynn, Wenham, Hamilton, Ipswich.