Curriculum & Programs

Sun Tae Kwon Do offers a comprehensive curriculum to help build self-confidence, respect, focus, mental strength, and physical power. For every belt level, students will learn the following aspects of Tae Kwon Do:

  • Basic Stances – Allow for efficiency and effectiveness of movements and patterns of movements
  • Kicks – The very foundation of Tae Kwon Do and what sets Tae Kwon Do apart from other martial art styles
  • Hand Techniques – Kicks are the foundation of Tae Kwon Do, but hands are still a must for blocking and for striking
  • Poomsaes (Forms) – Patterns of kicks, stances, and hand techniques to simulate fighting multiple opponents, to learn new techniques, and to develop balance and coordination
  • Ki-Bon Kicks- Learn to put together combinations of kicks and hand techniques for defensive and offensive purposes
  • One-Step Combinations – Put the hand and foot combinations to practice by working with partners in safe offensive-defensive situations
  • Philosophy and Knowledge – No curriculum is complete without developing a true understanding of why we do what we do in Tae Kwon Do – ranging from why we bow to how Tae Kwon Do builds mutual respect and self-confidence – this is an absolute necessity for true mental and spiritual training
  • Sparring – Using full sparring equipment for safety, learn drills, defense, and offense in special Olympic-style sparring classes directly from a former Korean national champion
  • Breaking – A highlight for all students, break wood at every test with new techniques to build confidence and show the true power of the techniques – and the true power that you have within yourself!

Sun Tae Kwon Do Kicks

A pattern of kicks and punches designed to increase balance, demonstrate technique and fluid change of direction.

  • Sun Kick #1: Front Kick
  • Sun Kick #2: Roundhouse Kick
  • Sun Kick #3: Axe Kick
  • Sun Kick #4: Side Kick
  • Sun Kick #5: Roundhouse Kick / Back Kick
  • Sun Kick #6: Roundhouse Kick / Spinning Back Hook Kick
  • Sun Kick #7: Roundhouse Kick / Skip Side Kick
  • Sun Kick #8: Roundhouse Kick / Double Roundhouse Kick
  • Sun Kick #9: Skip Roundhouse Kick / Spin Jump Roundhouse Kick
  • Sun Kick #10: One Step Motions / Jump Back Kick

To make sure that all students at all levels receive full instruction in all of these areas, our class schedule has been specifically tailored for every age group and every belt level. Classes are held six days a week for all levels throughout the day.